Our Aims


To shape and mould child for successful living.
To light in the little ones the flame of knowledge.
To create in them ability of creativeness and desire to learn and to know all the things of universe.
To lead the little ones from darkness to light.
To lead the little ones from darkness to light.
To build power and strength in our students to remain ahead of others in the race of life.
To Provide sound learning and building of good moral character of children and youth.
To bring about all-round development of the child to become better citizens of future.
To build solid base of students by imparting physical education through games and sports to have healthy mind in healthy body.

To The students

Be gentlemen , kind and friendly in and out of the school.
Give helping hand to your family, neighbours and companions of the school.
Respect the elders and love Youngers.
Keep yourself healthy strong and active.
Avoid vulgarity evil and idle gossip in your behavior.
Be fair at play and true to your duty.
Respect liberty and right of others for your freedom.
Do everything good for the good name of the school.
Your beauty lies in keeping your class-rooms and school premises neat and clean and not damaging school property.
Running, playing or shouting inside the school building is strictly forbidden.
Any damage to property whether of school or of its inmates must be made good.
Perfect silence is to be observed in class, laboratory and in library.
Take balanced diet and avoid junk food for a healthy body and mind.