Founder Director

“One who works in devotion, who is a pure soul, and who controls his mind and senses is dear to everyone, and everyone is dear to him. Though always working, such man is never entangled.”


Founder Director

We reverently salute our Founder Chairman & Director, a true Karmayogi, a great visionary and a sparkling epitome of selflessness and humility. Your untiring efforts tower like a beacon as we follow the righteous path of imparting meaningful schooling, a dream that you have bestowed on us and we remain dedicated to pursuing and accomplishing your vision. We owe our today and tomorrow to your noble thoughts and invaluable guidance.

In Reverence And Remembrance Management, Staff And Students Of:
Little Flowers Public Sr. Sec. School
Little Flowers Public School
Little Flowers International School
Lesson in Success

SH. DHAN RAJ PATEL popularly known as Sh. D.R. Patel and out of respect commonly addressed as “BADE SIRJI” was born on 20th july 1937 in a former’s family of modest means in village Gudri, district Bhandara, Maharashtra. His family was associated and played an important role in National Freedom Movement led by Gandhiji.

He completed his school education in Bhandara district itself. It was during these formative years that his quest for good school to learn began. He graduated from Nagpur University and did his Master’s degree with distinction in Psychology from University of Poona. For this rare feat he received king Edward Memorial Scholarship for pursing further studies. He got himself enrolled as Research Scholar in Psychology Department in University of Delhi and later on was absorbed as lecturer in the department itself. His second love was books. He was a voracious reader and has a store-house of over 11,000 book in his personal library.

In 1975, the young and enthusiastic visionary, Sh. D.R. Patel, with the fervour of social concern, left a lucrative career and stepped into realm of education to establish Little Flowers Society. As a manifestation of his vision “Education for All”, Sh. D.R. Patel along with me started this “Ideal School for ideal Students” promising academic excellence and value-based education. Now the school has become one of the distinguished Senior Secondary Schools of Delhi. Little Flowers chain of schools is the most sought after institution as it provides the best quality education. The School’s motto “CHILD IS GOD” is based on cardinal principal that child like a jump of clay. It is the ordained duty of a teacher in helping a child to find the right path of life and moulding him/her for and excellent living, means all round development of mind, body and spirit.

Sh. D.R. Patel led the school as principal till 2003. He firmly believed that opening of one school is equivalent to closing of ten jails, who knows the child you are teaching today may become the leader of nation tomorrow. He was a man of unwavering fortitude, tremendous courage tireless perseverance and master of organization skills. He firmly addressed to the holistic personality of students in addition to their academic achievements producing disciplined and responsible citizens to lead the country in future. The school has produced a large number of IAS and IPS officer, doctors, engineers, teachers, managers, chartered Accountants, System analysts & Managers, sport person having their placement stories in every household. Today the school has three branches enrolling over 6000 students.

Sh. D.R. Patel was a very good orator. He lived life to the full with dignity, humility, compassion and most importantly generosity. During his life-time he was instrumental in assisting to get married more than fifty poor girls and helped the downtrodden through Indian Red Cross Society, Bharat Vikas Parishad, Ahimsa International and host of other social/religious organizations.

He was spotlessly pure noble soul, a heart full of love, infinite energy, wisdom and strength and always thought of doing things great. As mentor of “Little Flowers International School” he had great vision and planned to raise the school up to a minimum of Secondary Standard glittering like a star among the galaxy of topmost Global schools of the country. But destiny had willed it otherwise. On the unfortunate day of 17th February, 2012 Dhan Raj Patel breathed his last and mingled with Almighty.


Mrs. C.M Patel

(Manager of LFPSSS)