To start school is an easy job but a million dollar question is how to plan and execute scheme of model education which will inculcate in the students a strong character, qualities to face life and to develop physical, mental, cultural and spiritual qualities. Ideal education aims at helping child to find the right path of life and moulding him/her for an excellent living. With a vision to usher in sustainable social transformation, Late D.R. Patel laid the foundation of Little Flowers Education Society and L.F.P.S. in 1975. He changed the lives of the children of Trans-Yamuna area by establishing this ideal school for preparing ideal students. He has left behind a strong footprint of self-reliance and nation building who initiated innovative academic programmes for the betterment of students.
School Management is working for all round development of mind, body and spirit and builds personalities of students on these lines in school teachings. Excellent administration is responsible for outstanding laurels and achievements in Science, Engineering, Computer Science and Commerce faculties. School has been achieving almost 100% results in C.B.S.E. X & XII Exams and also thousands of distinctions, hundreds of merits in them. Our school students got State Awards and topped results all these years. Marvellous achievements in all fields of education made this institution most sought after and recognized as one of the prestigious and leading institutions in Capital of India Delhi. Administration endeavours and promises meaningful education to face “challenges in the 21st Century” and to nurture basic values of life, disciplined and caring citizens who can lead the country in future.

We, the School Society and School Management are thankfulto you for entrusting the education of your wards to us. We assure you that we will make all possible efforts to come up to your expectations and provide global education to the students. It is promise that the legacy of D.R. Patel will continue and the school will achieve the higher goals of expansion and growth.


Mrs. C.M Patel